We would like to send greetings and all our love to the wonderful Grandparents in our Parish and our local community. We especially wish those Grandparents who are in heaven special greetings as we know you are with us always, keeping us safe and sending heaven hugs.

To Granny and Grandad, Moma and Johnnie – with lots of love from Emily, Max and Charlie x (painting by Emily)

From Joshua, Thomas, Daniel and Tobias,

This beautiful drawing is by Rachel for Granny Nisey and Nanna, here with her on earth, and for Grandad Joe but very especially for Grandad Pete who has just arrived in Heaven last Saturday 23rd January. Love Rachel xx

For Mamgu Pamela living in Wales

To Papa, Gogo, Bernadette and Paul from Harvey

I love you both, and I miss Grandad (who is in Heaven) and also miss not being able to see my Granny because of COVID. Big love from Anna x

Greetings to GranDad Noel, Granny Caroline and to Grandmo Jo and Grandad Noel with love from Ben x

To Nanny Clare and Grandad Michael and to Nana Phyllis and Grandad Denis who are in Cork. With love from Leila xx

Camille is praying for all her grandparents – Granny, Grandad, Nanna and Gpah!  xx

Greetings to Grandad Bernard and Granny and to Grandad Eamon and Nana with love from Meabh and Sean. (painting by Sean)

“Side by side or far apart, our grandparents are always in our heart” Conor, Aoife and Eoghan would like to say a big hello to their grandparents, Mary and Liam in Cork and Paddy and Anne in Dublin  – We miss you So much! xxx (painting by Aoife)

Conor is sending big hugs to Nana Maro in Tralee and especially misses his walks in the park with her. xx

Sending hugs to my grandparents Jim and Margaret and Granny Mary and very special thoughts for grandad Patrick in heaven! Lots of love Lúc x

Sending lots of love to Grandad Pat and Granny Josephine from Lauren

We are sending love and a virtual hug to our grandparents, to Danny and Josie in Heaven and to Granny Ann and Grandad John.  We miss them so much and would give anything to see them in real life.  With love from Daniel, James and Grace xxx

With lots of love to Rita and Brian, and Larry and Dymphna who are all watching over us from Heaven. These beautiful paintings are by Conor and Oisin xx

Dear Grandad Michael and Granny Ursula and Grandad Peter and Nan Anne, we want to remind you all of how much we love and miss you. We hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Anna and Luke.

Wishing Grandad Peter, Nana, and Granny a very Happy Grandparents’ Day. A special Heaven Hug to Grandad John whose anniversary was actually on Grandparents Day. With love from Daire and Amy xx

Sending virtual hugs to Granny Mai in Claremorris, Co Mayo and Nana Angela in Limerick. Love from Sadhbh x

Last year my Nana came to school with me for Grandparents Day and we had such a lovely time. I’m sad we can’t do it again this year but I can’t wait to see all my super grandparents again soon. I made this picture of us all together, hopefully it will be in real life soon. Lots of love Chloe x

Sending big hugs to Granny and Grandy, Popsie and Mikie with love from Camille xxx

I would like to say a prayer for both of my nanas Marna and Barbara who are watching at home in their own houses. We also say a special prayer for Grandpa Donal and Grandpa Louis who are watching from heaven. With love from Conor x

Jamie and Elodie are sending love to their Grandparents living in Cork Katherine, Tom, Mary and Jimmy, who have been watching weekly masses in Foxrock church since Jamie started his preparation for first holy communion. xx

We miss not being able to invite our Granny, Grandad and Nana to Grandparents day at school but we hope they are watching today. We miss not being able to see our nana and grandad in Limerick but we are lucky because granny lives in Dublin within 5k from our house.  We can’t wait to see them soon.  Love Sam, Lucia and Michael

I’d like to say a special prayer for my Granny Margaret who went to Heaven 1 year ago. I miss her very much.  Love from Oisín

Sarah in Senior Infants has drawn this wonderful Hedghog to send love to her Grandparents today xxx

I love all my grandparents so much. This is a picture of us at the museum. Papa bought me a dinosaur ball there. I can’t wait to hug them all again. Harvey x

Fionn would like to say how much he loves his Granny D and Granny Winnie and Grandad Brian. x

With Love from Claire x

Freddie would like to remember his grandmother Una who passed away in August in the US and his grandfather Paddy who passed away very unexpectedly in November. All of his grandparents are now in heaven looking down on him. xxx

From Eanna age 4 for Granny Carmel and Granddad Martin xx

Thank you Granny and Granda – I Love You – Callum x

To celebrate Grandparents’ Day – Love Liam x

Sending huge hugs to Granny, missing spending time with her in our Winter Wonderland. All love Mollie xx

A very Happy Grandparents’ Day with a big hug to Grandad and Granny and also to Grandad and Granno with lots of love from Riley in Senior Infants x

Happy grandparents day to our wonderful grandparents Pat & Martin and Maria & Pat . We love you so much. Lots of love Isabelle, Amy and Annie Rose

Big Hello to Richard and Mary in Kilkenny From your favourite grandchildren. We miss you. See you in a few weeks hopefully or over Zoom with love from Riona and Cormac  xxx

Hope to see you soon Grandma and Grandad Love Rachel xxx

Happy Grandparents Day to Granny Teresa, (Grandad Barry in heaven), Grandad Pat and Granny Hilary with lots of love and prayers from Caoimhín, Oisín and Ciarda xxx

Wishing a very happy Grandparents Day to Grandad and Nanny love from Sean, Sam and Daniel xx

Sending huge love to Grandad Noel Happy Grandparents day from Brody x

Evelyn and Tadhg both send love and greetings to Nana Joan and Grandad Steve tuning in from Kanturk and to Grandpa Tim and Abeula (Spanish for Grandma) Helen xxx

Please pray for all my grandparents especially my Grandad Donal who is sick at the moment. All love from Matthew x

Sending Happy wishes to Nanny Kathy and Grandad Ben and also to Nanny Ann and Grandad Dermo who are up in Holy God’s house never far from my thoughts. With love from Dylan x

Sending love to Nanny Eileen and Grandad Conor from Billy xx

I’m so grateful for my grandparents Gerard and Patricia. They live close to me so I get to see them and talk to them all the time and they spoil us with treats! Love from Amy.

Happy Grandparents Day to John, Anne, Colette and Brian. With huge love from Sarah x

“You will always be my Grandparents no matter where I go” This beautiful poem was written by Eva to her her grandparents with lots of love xx

This beautiful photograph is being sent with love from Carter for his Grandparents Bob and Sandra x

Sending love to Grandmother Bridgid on your 5th Anniversary in Heaven and also to Uncle Manus who is watching over us, and a big hug to Pappi Noel. Love from your youngest grand daughter Elodie x

With all our Love on Grandparents Day from Caoimhe, Emily and Oisín. This beautiful poem was written by Caoimhe especially for her Granny xx

Even though he’s not with us, I can still talk to my Grandad Sean up in heaven. I will always remember him. Love from Sarah

Dear Granny and Grandad, I love you and hope you are well, Love Luke xx

For Granny and Jim, and Sally and Grandad. All love from Lauren xx

Moira would like to send best wishes to Grandad TJ and Granny Betty and pray for Grandad Joe and Granny Breda who are both watching from Heaven x

Happy Grandparents Day to Granny who is always making my favourite food and to Grandad who is sometimes a bit naughty! All my love Reeja xx

Hi to our Gran and Grandpa Marie and Michael we miss you so much. We also remember our Nana and Grandad Margaret and Anthony Burke in Heaven.  Love from Eoin and Claire xx

Thinking of you Nanny Pat in Tipperary, hoping you are keeping well, we can’t wait to see you in person and to give you the biggest hug ever!  We love you. To Grandad, you are now in heaven looking down on us but you remain in our hearts forever. To Nannie Mamie – thankfully we see you every day but we just want you to know we love you dearly. Love from Caoimhe, Cormac and Michaela xxx

My Grandparents by Laura

For Pat and Angela and also for Maura and Paddy who will be watching fondly from heaven.

My grandparents are special,
Their love has no bounds
A room takes special warmth whenever they’re around,
They know I’m kind and talented and maybe even wise
But that’s because all grandparents see through loving eyes
My grandparents are always there for me
They care for me, they do
You have cared for me long enough now let me care for you.

With all our Love on Grandparents Day from Caoimhe, Emily and Oisín. This gorgeous painting was done by Emily for her grandad Séamus who always had wonderful stories often about a Pussy Cat and he loved roses. We know he is still thinking of us all, even though he’s in Heaven. xxx

To my Granny Maureen,
I hope you are doing well and staying safe.
I am sending you lots of love on Grandparents day.
I hope to see you very soon as I miss you lots.
Love Alex x

Millie, Lucy and Alice are sending Granny lots of love on this special day and know that Grandad has been watching over them since March from Heaven xx

Dear God,  Please look after my nanny and my granny and granddad in Kilkenny. I really miss them. Please also give my love to my grandfather, Sean who is with you in heaven. Love Liam x

Tayib (Thai ib) from senior infants would like to say hello to his great grandparents Jean and Des. Hoping they are nice and cosy at home and will see them soon.🥰

Brian sends love to both his granddads today – Michael and Brian – who are both in heaven. xx

Sending Granny T a huge hug and we can’t wait to see you soon

Love Sadie

To Nanna and Daia (pronounced Die-Ya) and Nanna and Bop. We love you.  Adam and Cora xx

Fionn would like to say how much he loves his Granny D and Granny Winnie and Grandad Brian. xx

To Betty, You’re the best, I really miss watching the Saturday night movie with you. Love, Keelin. XXXX

Hi Granny and Grandpa.  Hope you are having a great day.  Cant wait to see you soon.  Love Mark, Gavin, James xxx

Lucy and Mollie are sending hugs to their Gran who is their best friend and support through this Covid-period as they are to her, along with all her other grandchildren. xxx

Archie and Elsie would like to pray for their great granny who got her Covid vaccine last week and for Oma, Opa, Ann and Jack that God will keep them safe and healthy.  They pray that all Grandparents will be able to have hugs and cuddles with their grandchildren soon.

Dear Granny Mary & Grandad Tommy, I miss you and I hope we can spend some time together soon. Love Emma. x

To our beloved Granny Maureen who passed away just four weeks ago. We miss you so much and celebrated your birthday yesterday. We promise to look after Grandad forever. Thank you for all the laughter you gave to us. Love Sam, Sophie and Alex.

To my grandparents Marlene and Herve in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, I miss you and j’taime beaucoup.  To my gogo Priscilla in Kadoma, Zimbabwe love you so much, sending big hugs.  To my grandad Alec (in Heaven) sending you much love.  Love, Marcilla

We would like to Pray for our Nana Ann who we can’t see at the moment but can’t wait till we are back eating her buns .  And for Our grandparents that live beside us that we are so lucky to see .  Also our granddad John who is in Longford hopefully we will see you soon. Cian and Ethan.

To Dublin Granny and Grandad and Donegal Grandad. Sending you lots of hugs and kisses. Thinking of Donegal Granny in heaven. Jane, Ava and Seán

Sending a huge hug to Gams, love Sadie

I want to wish my gran and grandad in Wexford a happy grandparents day. Hello to Scoby the dog too! From Peter xxx